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You Are Wrong

Out of the depths...

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Bad Baby



June 30th, 2011

(no subject)

Bad Baby
things are bad. clusterstorm of shitty things going down. don't know what to do. not going to be posting again (at least not soon). goodbye.

(no subject)

Bad Baby
Slipped uviverses again. Sometimes I wish the phenomena didn't show itself through pop-culture ephemera so redily. Then again, were it more significant, I'd probably find myself locked away after arguing the geopolitical ramifications of the Sino-Korean War one too many times. Or the social-psycho effects of uTunes upon Macintapple's consumer base. (Both of which I have fleeting memories.)

No, it's almost always something meaningless from tv or music. This time it's the nature of Frank Parker's credit card from the show "7 Days". Originally, in my homeworld, it was a "Plutonium Card". Then it was a "Titanium Card". Then it switched back (I know cause Ichecked before sending it to Red Mage on 8-Bit Theater, as an entry for best fictional RPG item to give your chars. I remember cause it made the sites front page.)

I know I'm not alone here. Many (perhaps MOST) of the folks I've talked to have experienced similar things. Where lines in movies, or song lyrics, or album track orders shift.(CONT BELOW)

June 28th, 2011


Bad Baby
1 large new york strip steak. A rub made of salt, pepper, some herbs and spices, and some sugar for browning. Broiled and servred with amix of sauted onions and garlic. mmmmmmmm........ gooooood...... anyhoo...

both computers are dead. posting from ps3. call if you want to talk.

June 25th, 2011

Jesus, I'm angry

Bad Baby
Woke up furious at the world. I think I spent all last night arguing about Title 9 in my sleep. Everything is pissing me off right now.

why the FUCK do I have to be stuck on this planet with you apes? Why the hell do I have to put up with your stupidity and double standards and evil? God DAMN YOU ALL.

May 16th, 2011

reading and its effects

Bad Baby
So Ive been plowing through a 1000 page tome of collected short stories called "The Space Opera Renaissance". I've come to at least one firm conclusion: the British "New Wave" writers were a HUGE pile of wankers. A few did some really good work, but their whole ideological slant was pure boneheaded pretension. Look, guys, Rule Number One: Tell A Story People Will Enjoy Reading. Seriously. You can do politics and sociology and teleology and entelechy and all that happy horseshit, but you have to do it in service to a _good story_! Jesus! "Well I wanted to convey a sense of profound alienation by making the reader feel alienated and confused." You're a wanker, now shut the fuck up.

But then, I've been pretty sick lately. My porphyria has been acting up as summer dawns and my sleep has been a thing of fever and twitches. Combined with my reading materiel, I've been having some... remarkably geeky dreams. Last night, I was in orbit about Terra trying to find a stable orbit. Was fighting with my reaction thrusters and a faulty computer (in retrospect, I'm pretty sure it was running an unpatched instance Windows NT 3.1). Almost the entirety of the dream was me doing frantic math, trying to reduce my orbital eccentricity. ...

Yeah. Orbital element dream math. *shudder* And I *HATE* orbital mechanics! It's SUCH a pain in the ass!

TV wise, I'm annoyed that they canceled "The Event". I mean, I _knew_ they'd cancel "The Cape" though I enjoyed it, but I was just starting to get into The Event. And the cencelling of Stargate Universe is a crime on par with the cancelling of Firefly. Y'bastards. At least they renewed "Chuck" and "Fringe". Sigh.

May 6th, 2011

(no subject)

Bad Baby
W00t! got my laptop's clone port to work again... some... how. (Seriously. Couldnt get it to talk to the monitor and then is just...started to for no reason.)

Back online. Got to find out that I was talking to eva when I recognized the gtalk chime and blindtyped "I have no screen and cant see what you're saying. Call me if you need to talk." (Yes yes. My puter was on to stream media to the PS3.)

Found out that my cat is starting to express her Feline Weirdness Genes. She's convinced that around... 18 cubic feet above half of my couch is... hainted. Something interesting-to-a-cat and invisible-to-humans shows up there fairly regularly. Also, the works of Bach as performed on accordion is utterly fascinating and ridiculous to her. Was playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmTG9wTfrzk and she... tried to molest my computer. Incessantly. It's like I sprayed accoustic catnip on my laptop. It was *weird*.

Oh, and there was a naziesque police-state crackdown in *MaComb* Illinois t'other day. Don;t know what the hell I'm talking about? Well, that's not surprising. There's been virtually no coverage in the MSM about it. But here. PLEASE watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLn4p_h4xUE&feature=player_embedded . Basically, the cops decided to fuck up a ton of partying college students for no reason. They went G20 on their asses. LRAD. Tear Gas. 4th Ammendment ingoring. Riot shield. It was nasty. And should be viewed as a harbinger. There are BAD. PEOPLE. WITH. GUNS. in charge now. Watch out. Cause this is NOT the America you learned about in Social Studies. It's much more like... the Russia you learned about in Social Studies. Just.. be careful folks. I don't want my friends tortured.

April 22nd, 2011


Leave Inevitable Conclusion to Imaginati
My car just broke down. I think it's something in the transmission. Was driving home from Mark's house and something went *PING-CLUNK!* and all of a sudden the engine wasn't transmitting hardly any power to the wheels and started sounding weird. Couldn't get it about 20 mph. And it's raining balls out. Yay. Drove it home with my hazards on and now get to figure out what the fuck I'm gonna do.

Thanks life. That's... that's just great.

April 14th, 2011

Fog Paw's Feet

Bad Baby
I am awake FAR past my bedtime for silly reasons.

I am looking at my living-room window, covered with a venetian blind, and wishing I could paint portraits.

I see the hated sunlight streaming couchward in bands and speckles, highlighted by dust and hair. I see warmyellow lifelight given a veneer of order by the slats and ties of the window dressing, contrasted with the starkblack silhouette of my cat, Sprocket, who is busy making sure that the neighborhood birds do not go unobserved. I see... life reduced to number and equations contrasted with organic curve and twitching tailpredation outlined in negative.

Black and white -- light and shadow -- a chiaroscuro of intent and its opposite -- much seems revealed in the shadowplay of my innocently murderous feline. I wish I had the talent and skill to adequately inspire similar reflections in others. Of course, such a work of art would be labled as 'literary' and thus denigratable. Since, of COURSE, art has no business trying to actually, y'know, _communicate_ anything! Oh NO! Art is about creating a mirror for your _audience_ to bring meaning to, NOT an attempt to illustrate a viewpoint or idea or to take any, y'know, responsibility for how one's expression of an idea is received (assuming, of course, you HAVE an idea to communicate).

But the juxtaposition of the inorganic, defined by its unyielding implacability to meaning, and the organic, shown only by its effect upon that inorganic gridwork, seems profound to me. And I wish I could share it with others.

March 23rd, 2011

Nuclear douchebag

So I have a habit: if a number I don't know is calling me, especially _repeatedly_, I will simply assign their number to my cellphone contact named "Do Not Answer" with a ringtone of "Do Not Ring".

Tonight I noticed my phone lighting up and decided, what the hell, I'm all paid up on my bills, so let's answer.

"Hello. May I speak to Mr. Walker, please?"

"I'm _A_ Mr. Walker. Who are you?"

"Just to confirm: this call may be recorded for security and quality conformation purposes. Is this Mr. Sam Walker?"

"That depends. Who are you?"

"This is Sallie Mae [a student loan organization -Sam]. Before we begin, can we confirm your address?"


"... ... What?"

"Can you please confirm your identity? What is your full name, corporate address, and my account number?"

"...Uh.. I'm sorry, but I can't divulge that information...."

"That's as may be, but, as you noted in your recording, this call may be recorded. By Illinois statute, I am also entitled to record this conversation as well, which, *AUDIBLE KA-CLICK!* I am. So. Who are you?"

"I'm an agent for Sallie Mae."

"And what is your full name? First, Middle, and last?"

"... ... Uh...."

"And please provide your employee identification number."


"Check your ID. It's probably on there... I'll accept your Social Security Number as a substitute."

"Look, sir, I just need to confirm your address before we continue. What is your address?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm not comfortable providing that information until you have proved who you are. What is my Sallie Mae account number?"

"Uh... I.. I can't..."

"I'm sorry, sir. But until you are willing to provide me with proof of your identity and corporate affiliation, I can't provide confirming personal identification. You've requested my banking information, social security number*, and other identification. If you are NOT a representative of a corporation with which I have a pre-existing business relationship, you have committed a felony under state law, at minimum, and most likely been an accomplice in a conspiracy to commit fraud. If you ARE such a representative, you have committed an act of fraud by refusing to provide relevant associated details. Now, sir, please tell me your Full Name and Social Security Number?"

"Uh... I'm sorry sir, but until you're willing to confirm you address -- " "I'm not, until you will..." "... ... .. then I.. uh... then I have to conclude this phone call. *CLICK*"

Yeah. I have 5 dots in Bureaucrancy. It helps that I paid that bill, in full, today.

*(A complete lie. But he was so completely flustered at this point that the Rule of Law was irrelevant. And I TOTALLY made up everything about Illinois state law. It _might_ say something to that effect, but unless someone with a ton of money bribed the assembly one way or t'other, I doubt it's clear cut at all.)

NOTE to friends: Anything THEY want, you can get in return. And if they won't, well.... see above.
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